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The Other Half Men's Shoppe


What is "The Other Half"?

The simple answer is: A Men's Lifestyle Store. But it goes much deeper than that.

Having worked in retail, I finally seized the opportunity to create something organic of myself. Too often I'd been told "You're just so hard to buy for". Too often I'd sat on a park bench while my ... Better Half ... visited stores of interest to her in Bloor West, or Greenwich Village, or Niagara on the Lake, or Savannah. Initially fuelled by my passions for Sports, Beer and Fashion Accessories, I sought to create a refuge that would not only incorporate those elements but celebrate them and more. That was the tip of the iceberg. 

It's been said that The Other Half is everything but a clothing store - but even then some clothing is carried. My vision was of a "Shop" that was part Museum, part General Store, and part Clubhouse.

The Other Half strives for a curated look and feel. A place where men - and those who shop for men can not only go, but feel comfortable visiting. We hope your visit won't be rushed. Come enjoy our shop at your leisure.

Don't be a stranger. The door is always open. Pop in for a minute and I hope you stay much longer.

- Andrij